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Adult community training program
Adult Community Training Program (ACT)
The Adult Community Training (A.C.T.) Program was created to serve Ala Costa graduates aged 22+ and other adults with developmental disabilities. Once students graduate from the Ala Costa after-school program at age 22 their venue for socialization and activity comes to a halt. Most of the time individuals remain at home for the duration of their day with no one to challenge them or socialize with. A.C.T. focuses on engaging participants in activities ranging from attending college, employment, volunteering, internships, and exercise programs at local gyms. Ala Costa takes the interests of the individuals in order to research opportunities in the 1377629264thoette bongo.jpg

community that fit both with their skill level and appeal. These activities create a sense of self-confidence, worth, and community involvement that is crucial to the spiritual and physical health of an adult with a developmental disability.

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