Respite Program
The Respite Program was developed to give parents / guardians some needed time to take care of their needs as well as the needs of the entire family. By utilizing the Respite Program parents / guardians are better prepared to take care of their child with a developmental disability while maintaining a solid family structure. Currently, there are few programs in the East Bay that offer integrated community recreation services within a respite program. Through Ala Costa’s Respite Program, the child and the parents / guardians will receive a needed program. Leisure education and socialization play a critical role in the development of individuals with developmental disabilities because they are the foundation from which most skills are acquired and accomplished. Participants in the Respite Program experience a multitude of fun and exciting experiences such as theatre performances, snow trips, museum tours, circus performances, horseback riding, trips to the beach, etc.
The program takes place on some Friday evenings and some Saturdays and serves individuals, ages from 7 to 22 years. By participating in structured social programs, an individual will benefit from the development of social skills among peers and in the community along with the acquired knowledge of leisure resources and their uses. Accommodations, support, and advocacy are provided to individuals during preferred recreation activities. Families can use Regional Center funding or pay privately. For more information, call (510) 527-2550.
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