Why Donate to Ala Costa?

Every dollar is used to impact the lives of those we serve

Ala Costa Centers’ Mission!

Empower school-aged children with developmental disabilities to find, use and express their unique strengths and talents. Provide each child at Ala Costa with the skills and opportunities they need to become successful and productive members of society, and to encourage them to have some fun along the way. Offer support and guidance to families who face the financial and emotional challenges of raising a child with developmental disabilities.
Want to be a Volunteer!
Or contact our administrative office at 510-527-2550 for more information.

Ala Costa Merchandise

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How YOU can help

Ala Costa needs your support
  • Mail your donations to Ala Costa Centers
    1300 Rose Street.
    Berkeley, CA 94702
  • Wills, Memorials and Bequest Ala Costa Centers
    PH: 510.527-2550
    Executive Director (Ext. 203)

Supporter Membership Levels

Each donation supports Ala Costa by:
  • Providing after-school services for student ages 5 - 22 with developmental disabilities.
  • Enhancing lives of children and adults in the community.
  • Addressing each person's goals and personal needs.
  • Funding community integration opportunities for participants.
  • Providing exciting recreational activities and enhanced quality of life.
  • $100 "Loyal Friend" pays for snacks for 10 students for 1 month.
  • $500 "Friends Always" pays for activities for 1 class for 1 month
  • $1000 "True Blue Friend" pays for an Activity Specialist for 1 month
  • $2,500 "Friends for Life" pays for the Community Integration Program, use of public & private transportation for 1 month
  • $5,000 "Best Friends Forever" pays for 1 teacher for one year of specialized classes, such as Art, Sign Language, music & dance.

Jobs at Ala Costa

Ala Costa offers excellent job opportunities
Funders and


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