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  • Paraprofessional
    Part Time - Berkeley and Alameda After School Programs
    Apply By: Open Until Filled

    We are looking for innovative, progressive individuals to instruct and support students in a center-based, community-oriented after-school program for students ages 5-22 with developmental disabilities. Staff members will instruct and provide support both on-site and in the community. They will lead activities that support the development of life skills such as cooking, money management, social interaction, self-advocacy, travel training, recreational skills and pre-vocational skills.

  • Community Facilitator
    Full Time - 30hrs/week - Ed Roberts Campus/Bay Area
    Apply By: Open Until Filled.
    We are looking for innovative, progressive individuals who can instruct creatively and intentionally in a community-based adult transition and adult day program. Our teachers work collaboratively with co-instructors in a 3-to-1 student to teacher ratio to problem solve, take initiative when appropriate, and be able to ask questions rather than give directives in order to enable participants to make their own choices. A strong belief in equality, the rights of disabled people, and neurodiversity are essential.
call our administrative office at (510) 527-2550 for more information about available positions.

Application Submittal

If you would like to apply for a position at Ala Costa Centers Please Fax or Email your resume & cover letter mentioned below.

Why work at Ala Costa Centers?

Ala Costa has been in operations for over 47 years. Many of the staff members at Ala Costa Centers are long term employees – some have been with Ala Costa for 15+ years! As a result, our current staff have the knowledge and skills to guide new employees in doing their best work. During their time at Ala Costa, employees will learn:  
  • How to assist students in becoming independent and self reliant.
  • How to support Neurodivergent individuals across multiple settings
  • How to work effectively as a part of a team
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • How to create a least restrictive environment
  • How to presume competence and demonstrate unconditional positive regard
  • How to encourage self-determination, self-advocacy, and self-efficacy in all students


If you are interested in a rewarding volunteer experience at Ala Costa Centers please go to Or call our administrative office at 510-527-2550 for more information.

Jobs at Ala Costa

Ala Costa offers excellent job opportunities
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