What is the ACAT Program?

We are pleased to announce that out Adult Program has a new website click HERE  Ala Costa’s Adult Transition Program [ACAT] serves transition age participants ages 18-22 with intellectual and developmental disabilities from the Berkeley Unified School District and North Region SELPA. ACAT is a 100% community-based program that focuses on self-determination skills, vocational skills, independent living skills, and community integration. We work with Berkeley Unified School District to ensure all participant meet their IEP goals.

Curriculum & Activities

We offer empowering 100% community-based programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Ala Costa Centers Adult Programs is proud to be the the only adult day program openly designed by autistic and neurodivergent people serving the intellectually and developmentally disabled community. Our philosophy is rooted in our fundamental belief of disability justice and the right to community inclusion for all. To learn more about our approach to service head to our new Adult Programs Website HERE 

Program targets

  • Independent Living Skills
  • Travel Training
  • Community Integration
  • Self-Determination
  • Vocational Skill Building

How This Program Empowers our Participants

The Adult Transition program empowers ACAT students through a process of measurable, evidence-based instruction immersed within community-based experiences Each participant has opportunities to practice skills, gain experience, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. ACAT is a person-centered program guided by individual choice and interests. ACAT provides a safe space to try new experiences with confidence and success.
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See Us in Action

Ala Costa Centers
Heartbeat Song by Ala Costa Kids
Ala Costa Centers
Ala Costa Center - Overview
Ala Costa Centers Fundraising Event
Ala Costa Centers New Year Party at Ala Costa
Ala Costa Centers Fundraising Event
Ala Costa Centers Fundraising Event

Jobs at Ala Costa

Ala Costa offers excellent job opportunities

Parent Testimonials

“Even though my son has been attending Ala Costa less than a year, I already cannot imagine our lives without it. Ala Costa is more than a program for my son‘s afternoons. It is the support system I have always wished for, with staff that genuinely care, very deeply, about my son and our entire family.” -Jackie, Ala Costa Parent
“Ala Costa program has done wonders for our grand daughter… She communicates with us a lot better now and her vocabulary has improved. I want to thank you for helping prepare her for the many life challenges that lie ahead of her in this big complicated world.” -Mr. and Mrs. White, Ala Costa Grandparents
“We are so grateful to the staff at ACT. They have been so good at inspiring our young people. How the staff approach different difficulties is just exceptional. Our young people are treated with kindness, respect and understanding.” -Miriam, Ala Costa Parent
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